Buying a Home? Here’s Why You Need Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Are you buying a house? Before you sign any paperwork, be sure you are making a sound investment by getting a pre-purchase Gold Coast building and pest inspection. This should be commissioned by every homebuyer to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth.


Gold coast building and pest inspection




Buying a property is a serious business. After all, a lot of money is involved. This is why it’s important that you take extra care and make sure that the house you are buying is worth the price.


One of the ways to ensure that the property you are buying is worthy of your money is to get a building and pest inspection Gold Coast has.


Here are a few reasons taking this step before you sign the deed is imperative to the success of your purchase:


  1. It’s a loan requirement.


Before a financing company agrees to loan you money, they must ensure that their business is protected by making sure that the property they are taking as collateral is worth every dollar they lend to you. This is when a Gold Coast building and pest inspection is necessary. Through this inspection, issues that the previous owner or real estate agent has hidden from you will be revealed, which include structural damages and pest infestation.


  1. It’s an assurance.


Wouldn’t you prefer to sleep soundly at night knowing that the property you are buying is well-constructed and safe for your family to live in?


The amount you have to pay for a building and pest inspection in Gold Coast is nothing compared to the satisfaction and assurance in knowing that you have made an excellent deal with the property.


Inspecting a building for structural and pest problems is especially important if you are buying an older home. There’s a higher chance that termites and other critters have made a nest in it.


  1. It can help give you a better estimate of the cost of essential repairs.


A few small issues on the house may seem to be trivial. But once you discover that those supposedly inexpensive problems turn out to be insanely expensive to repair or replace, then you’d wish you hired a professional to inspect the property for you.


The best Gold Coast building and pest inspection company can pinpoint all the hidden problems, be it on the property’s structure or a pest control issue, making it possible for you to provide a good estimate of the cost of repairs.


Aside from that, home inspectors will be able to advise you on certain renovations or refurbishments so you can be sure that any construction work will be in compliance with industry standards.

  1. It pinpoints safety hazards.


Safety issues like asbestos, mould, floodwater, and fire hazards will be identified by a Gold Coast building and pest inspection professional. This can help you ensure that the house is as safe for you and your loved ones as possible.


Don’t risk the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life. Be sure to call on the experts in building and pest inspection to help you make an informed decision. For more details, visit at

Post Author: Mitch Carley

Mitch Carley